Glamorous golfer Paige Spiranac attacked for ‘skimpy’ clothing at course

Paige Spiranac, an American glamour golfer, confesses she was horrified after a ‘Karen‘ aggressively abused her on the range for her clothing.

The 29-year-old ex-professional said she was genuinely terrified after being picked out at a country club by an older lady who believed Spiranac was dressed inappropriately.

Spiranac, who has 3.3 million Instagram followers, claimed she every-time wears according to course standards and felt invaded by the lady, as though she was suggesting the golfer looked ‘sl%@ty.’

She was playing on the course for the first time and claimed her attire did not violate the dress code. She had a collar, she zipped the zipper up so no cleavage showed, it came around mid-thigh, and she felt like it was a pretty acceptable attire, Spiranac explained on her podcast Playing a Round.

This lady approaches one of the employees, and she hears her speaking to this man, but she is not sure what she’s saying. Then she hears, “What she’s wearing is wrong, we have rules, I’m going to speak to her.”

The lady walks up to the Spiranac in the parking lot and says, “Woman to woman, you need to understand this, you look cute but that is absolutely improper, they have rules here and one cannot wear that dress”… She sobbed the entire way home.

She is not saying she wants to be on a golf course shaking her t**s about and having her a** flying around; that’s not what she is talking about. Nobody there had a problem with what she was wearing.

The actress stated that the lady had no right to criticise her because she was a visitor at the course and did nothing to incite a fight. Spiranac has a handicap of zero and is well-known for her ability with the driver and putter, as well as her attractiveness.

Golf’s elitist mindset, according to the former division one golfer at both the University of Arizona and San Diego State, can have a negative influence on the game, particularly the tight dress code restrictions for kids entering the sport.

‘Those are the factors golf isn’t growing. It’s the aristocratic mindset that makes her ill.’

Spiranac is the most followed golfer on social media, and she retired in 2016 after a brief spell on the Ladies European Tour. She currently earns money through Instagram endorsements, where she posts videos of herself swinging with new items while dressed in eye-catching clothes.

The golf celebrity mocked major champions Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson for participating in the Saudi-funded LIV series.

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