God-Fearing Actor Denzel Washington Warns About Spiritual Warfare In The Last Days.

The use of social media is good till a limit. But overuse of it is dangerous. In our busy lives how much time do we spend with God? Here one of the finest actors speaks the truth of which might be a bitter truth for most but read below and think about it.

Two time Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington, a Christian, expressed himself related to spiritual warfare in the last days. The God fearing actor Denzel Washington warned people against the pitfall of the self-obsessed mindset of social media.

Social media and the internet has a huge impact on the lives of younger and older generations. Denzil Washington reminded us that the only truth is God’s word. He expressed that this is from a spiritual point of view and not from the earthly point of view. In this earthly world if you are not spiritually strong any trouble will easily break us down that could leave us depressed.

On social media looking for acceptance is a hazardous game. Actor Denzel Washington applied a Biblical lens to the world’s increasingly unsafe “me first” mindset. According to him the “inner me” is the villain. He said in the bible in the last days he is not sure if it’s the last day but he continued stating that all of us will be lovers of ourselves.

Now-a-days the first picture taken is a selfie for example ‘oh me at the protest’ or ‘me with the fire’ or ‘listen to me’ or ‘follow me’ or ‘look what I am doing’ or ‘look what i am eating’. He continued saying that in today’s time just to be followed people do anything.

He further asked “What is the long or short term effect of too much information?” Is it safe? Think about it. Are we leading ourselves into trouble? To talk against the influence of social media actor Denzel Washington is not the first Christian celebrity.

Joanna Gaines spoke openly how social media’s pressure stole her happiness and peace. The issue encouraged KirK Cameron to make a documentary enlightening parents on the good and bad influence of social media.

Denzel Washington explained that it’s okay to use social media as a tool but not as a self worth assurance. The best way to be away from the trap of social media is to focus on Jesus. The victories and admiration that you get on earth is not important as compared to what waits for you in Heaven.

It has become a daily ritual for many to check and update what’s happening on social media. But it would be better to spend our time on daily spiritual rituals like prayer, reading the Bible or doing any Christ centered activities.

In Denzel’s words, “You have to fill up that bucket every morning. It’s rough out there. You leave the house in the morning. Here they come, chipping away. By the end of the day, you’ve got to refill that bucket. We know right from wrong.”

It’s wonderful to hear such faith filled words. The world is filled with many distractions and it’s up to us to decide what is good and bad for us.

Let’s stand firm, praise and thank God the Lord in everything we do. Watch the video and share Denzel Washington’s strong message as a great and gentle reminder to put God first in our lives.

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