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Goldie Hawn, 77, Shows Up Natural In NY – She Ditches Makeup & Hair Dye, Embracing Her Age.

Goldie Hawn, well known for her roles in “Snatched” and “Overboard,” was recently seen strolling around the streets of New York City. The 77-year-old actress wore no makeup and a thick black jacket to stay warm in the pouring rain.

This recent excursion, on Friday, February 15, comes only a few days after Goldie was photographed strolling across the city with her boyfriend, Kurt Russell. The couple spent some quality time together on Valentine’s Day, and they were spotted smiling as they walked across the city.

Going out and about is nothing new for Goldie, who has long preached the virtues of an active lifestyle. The actress urged everyone to make time for physical activity and maintained that being outside had several health advantages.

Goldie assured her followers that physical exercise and spending time in nature may help with focus and mental health. She also said that being active rather than sitting around all day might boost physical wellness.

Despite not wearing makeup, Goldie looked stunning as she strolled about the city in her puffy jacket, smoothie in hand. The actress wore black narrow pants, a black top, and a black-and-white blouse that was knotted around her waist. She completed her look with black flats, a crimson pendant, and gold earrings.

As she strolled through the downtown streets, the actress let her characteristic golden hair fall free. The actress wore the same puffer jacket for her recent Valentine’s Day dinner with her spouse. Kurt and Goldie were seen joyfully smiling at one another while doing something Goldie urges all of her followers to do- Does one ever feel better after spending time outside? Research has demonstrated that outdoor activities provide amazing mental and physical health advantages!

Individuals might consider exercising on a little trampoline, according to the actress. She said that being active does not have to be done in hour-long high-intensity training sessions. Goldie, on the other hand, enjoys shorter spurts of activity to help excite her body and mind.

Being a health-conscious celebrity, Goldie has often discussed her attitude to aging. Unlike many elderly Hollywood stars, Goldie isn’t avoiding her golden years. Rather, she has acquired a healthy attitude about aging, including embracing the aging process without being fearful of it.

Goldie has an unusual perspective on aging, believing that it is a sign that she is still alive rather than a portent of impending death. She said that becoming older, like any other age, is a natural part of life. Goldie strives to retain a cheerful outlook on life and a healthy routine as she ages.

In addition to being aware and active, Goldie said that she avoids elaborate, product-based skincare regimes. The actress tries to keep her beauty routine simple, washing her face before bed and simply applying creams. She also said that she massaged her face to promote exfoliation.

In 2016, Goldie was sighted in Hawaii. At the time, the actress was making a comeback, appearing in a film with Amy Schumer. Cameras captured her having fun at the beach. The actress was spotted in a bikini and sunglasses in the water. But, after witnessing her appearance, people online voiced their concerns, claiming that Goldie hasn’t aged well and that her body has suffered the most.

Having said that, several admirers defended the actress, stating they were delighted she had fun and dismissing the harsh remarks.

Several followers praised Goldie, claiming she looked great for her age. Of course, people acknowledged their love for her films.

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