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Goldie Hawn no makeup photo shows her natural look.

On Friday, Goldie Hawn was seen strolling in the rain in New York City.

The 77-year-old blonde beauty flaunted a puffy pout while making a duck face while clutching a healthy-looking purple smoothie.

The Academy Award winner wore a chic black puffer jacket, tight black leggings, and an edgy striped shirt knotted around her waist.

She wore a beautiful pair of black slip-on shoes and a vibrant red manicure that complimented the diamond in her necklace.

This week, Hawn has been in Manhattan with her longtime beau Kurt Russell, 71, and her daughter Kate Hudson, 43.

Goldie’s beauty secrets include keeping her skincare regimen simple and relying on the power of her own hands.

She said that she washes her face every day, massages it for about three minutes, then applies creams to her face and goes to sleep.

And then she gets up in the morning and does it all over again. For a time, she was using coconut oil on her face.

She continued by saying that her mom used to ‘squeeze lemons’ into her face for the exfoliating acid – a DIY beauty trick that wouldn’t ‘cost you a lot.’

The Christmas Chronicles 2 actress has always prioritized staying hydrated and protecting her skin from the sun.

She puts on a little sunblock in the morning when she remembers, and the rest is simply staying hydrated, eating a lot of oil-based meals or oils, and smiling a lot.

Yet Goldie’s famed blonde locks are all in her genes, since the First Wives Club actress has never dyed her hair.

Hawn said that she knows it seems crazy, but she has never dyed her hair. Because there were no chemicals on it, she simply used a standard rinse.

In an interview in 2017, Goldie discussed her health and fitness regimen, which keeps her looking young.

According to Hawn, staying ‘very, very busy’ is essential for preserving one’s mental health and being cheerful.

The Bird on a Wire actress went on to say that she favors short, targeted exercises over extended, arduous gym sessions.

When it comes to her nutrition, Goldie’s main principles are food separation and not overeating.

The Death Becomes Her star told Porter magazine in 2015 that aging is a part of life that can be dealt with by living thoughtfully.”

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