Good looking 31-yr-old makes headlines for asking elderly woman next door to move in with him.

When we need immediate help, we call our neighbors, whether its to feed the fish and water our plants when we’re away, or to lend a hand when we have some DIY project at hand. Neighbors sometimes even do much more when least expected.

For years the pair lived across the hall from each other in the same apartment complex in West Hollywood, California, but after Cook’s hospital stay, doctors told her she couldn’t return home to her apartment unless she had 24-hour care, which wasn’t covered by her insurance.

Norma Cook, 89, suffers from Leukemia and spent 2 months in the hospital battling pneumonia and breathing problems. Her neighbour Chris Salavatore, 31, is a Hollywood actor. When Chris discovered that Norma requires help, he quickly offered his place for her to stay.

“She couldn’t be happier that I asked,” he said. “I was over there visiting most days anyway.” “The only other option was for her to go into a facility,” he continued. “I just couldn’t do that to someone who is like my own grandmother.”

Both say the arrangement is working out well, and they’ve developed a routine. “He cooks for me,” Cook, who is childless and doesn’t have close family in California, told TODAY. “If he can’t make it as an actor, he can make it as a chef,” she joked.

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