Grandfather killed in wheelchair in Highland Park shooting “saved” his family’s lives – rest in peace

The family of a grandpa slain in July 4th’s deadly shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, has described how his presence saved their lives.

According to heartbreaking accounts, Nicolas Toledo was not planning on attending the Highland Park Fourth of July parade.

Nicolas, who was in his late 70s and required a wheelchair to move around, was anxious that a huge throng might assemble to see the parade floats pass by. His family, however, did not want to leave him at home alone, so he ultimately consented to accompany them to Central Avenue.

Xochil Toledo, Nicolas’ granddaughter, recalled that he was really thrilled. Glad to be living in the present.

However, the procession quickly devolved into brutal bloodshed.

As per the Toledo family, they had no idea somebody was shooting on the crowd until bullets started flying towards them. Three of them struck Nicolas, killing him on the spot.

Xochil expressed that he was the one who saved all of their lives. It would have gone to either her, her partner, or one of her relatives.

Xochil went on to describe how her dad tried to protect her grandfather and was shot in the arm as a result. However, Xochil’s lover was shot in the back. He was brought to a hospital nearby.

Xochil remarked that they were all startled and in tears. They couldn’t comprehend anything that had occurred. They couldn’t take a breath.

The Toledo family had intended to enjoy a cookout following the parade’s conclusion, but their world has been destroyed. Xochil’s dad has been released from the hospital, but her lover is still being treated.

Xochil remarked they’re simply extremely outraged about everything. They’re weak and numb.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the Toledo family with the costs of Nicolas’ funeral expenses.

The grandpa was one of six individuals murdered in yesterday’s shooting, which also injured at least three dozen others.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this heinous crime. We can only pray that justice is served.

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