Grandma Dies with Bed-Bound Husband While Trying to Save Him during Kentucky Flood

Many households in Knott County, Kentucky, were impacted by terrible flash floods. One adoptive daughter told her parents’ terrible story, which demonstrated their real love for one other.

When calamity hits, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces and recover. Many families have suffered the heartbreak of losing a loved one and are still grieving.

A woman cherished her adopted parents, who meant the world to her. When they were taken from her life, her entire world was flipped upside down.

Ashley June Collins was born into a family devoid of love and stability. Fortunately, she was adopted by two wonderful angels who provided her with the finest life imaginable.

Collins was dependent on her adoptive parents and couldn’t envision life without them. They were also loving grandparents to Bransyn, her four-month-old son.

Carol Miller, 72, and James Miller, 73, both former healthcare professionals, were overjoyed when Collins entered their house, and their small family shared many wonderful experiences together.

Collins was treated with kindness and attention during her formative years, and she was forever thankful to Carol and James, whom she adored. She revealed that they adopted her when she was three years old and were the finest parents she could have wished for. Without them, she would not have made it in life. She was trapped in a house with no one who wanted her, and they came to her rescue.

Collins, unfortunately, did not get the opportunity to say farewell to her loving parents. The couple’s home was washed away the day after she turned 22, in July 2022. Collins was terrified after the terrible Knott County floods destroyed damage.

Pray they can find my momma soon😭😭

Posted by Ashley June Collins on Saturday, 30 July 2022

She reported that the house was “nearly 40 feet underwater.” While family members attempted to contact the elderly couple, they were unable to do so due to extreme weather conditions. The daughter continued that the amount of water was excessive. Everything flooded her childhood house and washed it away.

Collins was dependent on her adoptive parents and couldn’t envision life without them. They were also excellent grandparents to her four-month-old baby, Bransyn, and the prospect of losing them terrified the young mother.

Collins, on the other hand, knew her mom would not abandon her father. He’d been incapacitated for a year due to a botched back operation. She elaborated that her father was bedridden and unable to get out. Her parents had been married for 55 years, so she knew she would never abandon him.

Collins found her mother attempting to carry her dad to their vehicle in order to bring them to safety. Unfortunately, she failed, and the SUV was swept away by floodwaters.

Collins’ father’s body was discovered by authorities. He had died, and Carol had still not been found by the end of July 2022. Collins remembered a video conversation she had with her parents the day before the floods and treasured the time in her heart.

She was grateful for their lifetime of memories, but she was heartbroken to be separated from them. Collins stated in an emotional Facebook post:

“Lord, please help mend my heart; I love these individuals more than life itself, and I can’t bear the thought of living without them.”

Lord please help heal my heart, I love these people more than life itself, and I just can’t begin to think of going through life without them😭🤍

Posted by Ashley June Collins on Thursday, 28 July 2022

The young mother expressed the following about her late father that he was the finest parent anyone could have. He was always generous and had a large heart.

Collins’ family relatives who resided in the same neighborhood as her parents were also affected by the floodwaters. While Collins did not know what had happened to all, she was relieved to hear that relatives Sharon and Trey Beaver had been discovered alive.

Collins set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes that kind internet users would contribute to her funeral and house reconstruction costs. The young mother observed that because of the situation, it will be a long time before any insurance or anything will aid this problem, thus any amount of money will be greatly appreciated.

Collins also requested that her late parents serve as guardian angels, hoping that they were at peace in paradise. During this difficult moment, our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

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