Grandma’s Report Card Will Definitely Will Make You Laugh.

Story by Meladee McCarty

“Every generation passes on a lasting memory that sticks with pride and admiration. What will your legacy be?”

Theodore N. Greenough

Subject: Reading
Comments: Grandma’s been reading to me for as long as I can remember. I have always loved sitting on her lap as she reads stories to me. And sometimes she stops and tells me one of her own stories. I like that a lot. 
Grade: A

Subject: History
Comments: Excellent at recounting family history and can be counted on for fascinating and embarrassing stories about mom and dad. 
Grade: A

Subject: Writing Skills
Comments: Grandma writes me letters and notes. She always says she loves me in them. I get cards from her on my birthday and on holidays. And she encourages me to write, too. She pressures me to write my thank you notes and, even if I hate to write ’em, I’ve learned how important that can be. 
Grade: A

Subject: Math Skills
Comments: Grandma knows when things ‘just don’t add up’ and is not afraid to tell me. She also knows how to save and is still able to contribute to my education. 
Grade: A

Subject: Social Studies
Comments: Understands that ‘what goes around, comes around’. Does many acts of kindness, every day, for relatives and friends, for neighbors and even for strangers. Contributes to charity because she knows it’s the right thing to do. She involves all us grandkids in doing these acts of kindness because she knows we’ve got to learn this, too. 
Grade: A

Subject: P.E.
Comments: Plays well with others. Exercises, walks, rides her bike, goes on hikes, taking a kick-boxing class, pushes loaded shopping carts through miles of aisles. Owns a rocking chair but is too darn busy to use it. Even though sometimes she complains about aches and pains, she’s out there, moving and doing, every day. 
Grade: A

Subject: Home Economics
Comments: Grandma really knows how to cook! She knows my favorite foods and has them ready when she knows I’m coming to visit. 
Grade: A

Subject: Attendance
Comments: She shows up. She’s there for every event that’s important to me. I know that she’ll be there, on the sidelines, cheering for me. She listens to me really well. 
Grade: A

Subject: Personal Qualities
Comments: Grandma is just FUN! She seems to be always ready to play, just a little bit. When everyone else seems so serious, she’ll give me a look with a twinkle in her eye and I know that we’re on the same wavelength. She can be very serious, but she doesn’t take herself seriously. She’s my bud. 
Grade: A

General Comments: Grandma passes with flying colors. I’m looking forward to being with her for a very, very long time.

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