Grandmother Gives Birth To Her Granddaughter At Age 61.

A mother’s love for her children has no boundaries. And Cecile Eledge probably pushed the limits with even that, for what she did for her son, Matthew, and his husband, Elliot.

At age 61, Cecile thoughts of giving birth to another child were long since past. But she offered to do it again for her son, who, with his husband, wanted a child of their own.

When Cecile first offered to be the surrogate and carry the child, the two men laughed… a lot. There was no way a woman at her age could do such a thing. It was just crazy, they thought.

But after meeting with a reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Carolyn Dougherty, they all were assured it was NOT a crazy notion in the least bit. After doing more tests, other doctor said she was in great health and fully capable of again carrying a child. So now the couple needed someone to donate eggs. And Elliot’s 26-year-old sister, Lea, did just that. The eggs were implanted and, using Matthew’s sperm, Cecile became pregnant on the first attempt.

Recently, Cecile gave a natural birth to a baby girl, who was named Uma, and all of those involved could not help but get emotional. It was a tremendously beautiful thing. Mom, son, son’s husband and son’s husband’s sister all working together to create a miracle.

Not sure how the story’s gonna be told to Uma when she gets a little older. But then again, maybe the only words necessary are: There was a lot of love that went into her. 

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