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Grandmother Reveals She Is Pregnant With Her Own Son’s Child Because His Wife Couldn’t Carry The Baby. Beautiful

After her daughter-in-law learned she was unable to bear a child, a 56-year-old mother disclosed she is pregnant with her own son’s kid.

Nancy Hauck of St. George, Utah, agreed to be a surrogate for her son, Jeff Hauck, 32, and his wife, Cambria, 30, after her daughter-in-law underwent a hysterectomy, which rendered her infertile.

Realizing how much her son cherished being a father, she cautiously volunteered to be the couple’s surrogate, despite her age.

The embryo was effectively transplanted, and the baby is now expected in November, with Nancy adding she ‘can’t wait to give birth.’

She never believed she would be pregnant at 56 or that this would be feasible, but it is the most lovely thing, Nancy, an administrator, said.

Nancy opted to be a surrogate for her son Jess and daughter-in-law Cambria since they had suffered from infertility.

They went through IVF therapy for six years before conceiving twins, Vera and Ayva, who are now three years old.

They later produced another set of twins, Diseal and Luka, who are now 11 months old, but the birth was painful, necessitating a hysterectomy, rendering Cambria infertile.

However, the couple still had frozen embryos in storage that they hoped to implant.

They later produced another set of twins, Diseal and Luka, who are now 11 months old, but the birth was painful, necessitating a hysterectomy, rendering Cambria infertile.

However, the pair still had frozen embryos in storage that they hoped to implant.

They’ve had a lot of infertility issues, but they had seven embryos to attempt with IVF and decided they wished to utilize them all, Nancy explained.

Cambria was no longer able to carry her own children.  And it wasn’t until a few months later that Nancy realized she should volunteer to do it.

She informed her son, and he burst into tears and was startled; she hadn’t even told her husband yet, but he was really supportive.

Despite her offer, none of her family members believed it was conceivable owing to her age.

She told her son and Cambria that she was willing but felt she’d be too old. However, to her amazement, the doctors said she was OK and could do it.

They did, though, raise the notion to fertility physicians, citing Nancy’s prior five healthy kids with no issues.

The checkup revealed that Nancy was a potential carrier, however they had to move swiftly before she went into menopause.

Nancy began her hormone treatment in January 2022, injecting herself every day for 12 weeks with the assistance of her husband and Jeff’s father, an ophthalmologist named Jason, 59.

A month later, the fertilized fetus was put into her uterus.

And they were all ecstatic when it succeeded.

Nancy described her current pregnancy as identical to her previous ones, with the exception of a little more nausea.

She also stated that, while her other kids were first concerned for her, they have now changed their minds.

This has all been a great leap of faith, she continued. It’s an amazing and lovely thing to accomplish. This is something she believes is extremely unusual.

She never expected it, but she is so delighted she chose to carry her son’s kid.

Cambria has been able to attend all of Nancy’s appointments, and the family was overjoyed to learn that they were expecting a daughter in May 2022.

It is very humbling that Nancy is doing this for them, said Cambria, the owner of a dancing business.

She is making so many sacrifices for them and the family, and they are very thankful.  It’s been amazing and heartwarming to watch Nancy carry their precious baby daughter.

She has been nothing short of spectacular, full of brightness and elegance.

She went on to say that she talks with Nancy “continuously,” discussing both scary and humorous experiences. And she says it’s been an honor to be able to help her.

 Nancy’s son Jeff, a computer scientist, expressed he felt blessed to have such a kind and caring mom who was prepared to make that type of sacrifice for his family.  After four years of infertility treatments, he understood how difficult the journey can be and questioned whether she could carry a baby for them – but he was touched that she would even volunteer.

The entire adventure has left him speechless. He  is in amazement of his mother; witnessing her compassion, love, courage, optimism, knowledge, and commitment throughout this process has been both humbling and wonderful.

Nancy’s grandchild is due on November 5 and, if everything goes well, will be born with Jason, Jeff, and Cambria present.

Being a parent has always been his ambition; he adores each of his children and takes his position and obligation as their father very seriously, Jeff added.

Being able to be a father to another lovely baby girl is the best gift and blessing he could get.

There is no way to repay a gesture like that; all he can do is follow his parents’ lead and attempt to provide the same degree of love and commitment to his own family and others.

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