Grandmother Working At Cracker Barrel Killed Trying To Help Staffer Escape Robbery.

Imagine going for work and suddenly a tragedy occurs. Imagine in that horrible tragedy you loss your loved one. It’s an unbearable and unimaginable pain. This is an heartbreaking story of a woman who sacrificed her life to protect her employees.

Robin Baucom, 59, a grandmother and Cracker Barrel associate manager who worked at the restaurant for 34 years was shockingly killed after she tried to protect her staff from an armed arm entering the restaurant. She was taken to the hospital but later died.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted more details about the heart wrenching shooting. He wrote that it seemed the suspect approached a female as she arrived for work and tried to rob her of her purse. The female manager Baucom opened the door to help and let her staff in. The manager was then shot in the chest by the suspect. He even expressed how sad it is to think these victims were just beginning their day working.

On Twitter Gonzalez also shared the pictures of the possible suspect and his vehicle. Requested all to help them solve this crime to stop suspects from hurting/killing any other innocent people.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s office the man Nathan Humphrey, 28, suspected of shooting Baucom was killed by deputies. They shot him since he refused command and reached into his waistband.

Investigators verified two undercover officers were trailing Humphrey who was wanted for two felony warrants and was also the suspect in Baucom’s case. Humphrey was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Baucom’s sister Gail expressed that Robin Baucom was a hero and hopes she will always be remembered as a hero since she gave her life trying to protect her staff and Cracker Barrel. Baucom is survived by her husband, 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

My heart goes out to her family and friends. Love and prayers for this precious family. May she be remembered and honored for this act of kindness.

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