Great-grandmother reaches 100 and continues to attend church and collect contributions for bereaved families.

Some individuals are fortunate enough to discover their passion early in life and pursue it throughout their lives.

Similarly, this great-grandma decided what she desired to accomplish with her life, and even as she approaches 100 years old, she continues to do it with the same enthusiasm and commitment she had when she was younger!

Jesse Vinson was born in Colquitt, Georgia, on October 12, 1922. She was the oldest of eight kids, so she grew up in a busy household! Growing up, the family practiced Christianity in the home.

They would frequently engage in “playing church” as youngsters, and it was during one of these imaginary games with her brothers that Vinson determined that rather than “pretending,” she would genuinely commit her life to God and the church. In an interview, her granddaughter claimed that this is when her grandma chose to become a committed Christian.

Despite having been widowed twice, she remained strong in her religion. She made it a point to assist her neighbors or pals in times of need whenever she could.

She would frequently bring troubled persons to church and collect funds for grieving families to assist them get by.

Mama Jessie with her great great grandson ( my grandsons)

Posted by Aretha Taylor Cox Kendrick on Wednesday, 12 October 2022

She still prays and reads her bible every day and night. Shilliegh Lewis, her eldest grandchild, commented, She loves God, her family, her church, and her town.

She now resides in Atlanta, where she has a large family to support and spend time with. She has seven grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and 20 great-great-grandchildren, with one more entering the brood next month.

Vinson also appreciates sports and is a big fan of the Atlanta Braves and Hawks.

She celebrated her 100th birthday with her family and loved ones, cutting a cake and wearing a lovely tiara proclaiming her age!

Today Mama Jessie is 100 years old. I want to take time out to wish her a very special 100th Birthday. Listen this woman…

Posted by Aretha Taylor Cox Kendrick on Wednesday, 12 October 2022

It’s inspiring to watch folks in their golden years remaining enthusiastic about their causes and doing what they’ve always done.

We wish Jesse Vinson a very happy birthday and hope she lives to see many more! Share this article so that others may wish Jesse a happy birthday as well.

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