Grieving Father Says He Can’t Forgive 10-Year-Old Accused Of Killing His 6-Month-Old Baby.

Nate Liedl, father to half year old Jaxon, said the young lady blamed for trampling his child is a “criminal.” A grieving Wisconsin father says he will never forgive the 10-year-old girl accused of stamping on his baby’s head.

For the first time since his 6-month-old son Jaxon died, Nate Liedl is coming up. He told that rather than seeing it as a 10-year-old child he see’s it as the individual who murdered his child, she should have been in cuffs, she’s a criminal. He had a few messages out to the family to tell them that Jaxon won’t make it. He recalls having a nervous breakdown out there.

The shocking image of a 10-year-old in court, accused as a grown-up with first-degree murder, stunned the nation. As Liedl sat in that courtroom, the parents sought to console their crying kid, hoping she would see him and realise what she’d done.

“I figure she accomplished it briefly, and afterward she set her head back on her dad’s shoulder,” he reviewed.

The young lady is said to have serious emotional issues. Her foster parents ran a day care centre south of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where Jaxon was enlisted.

The young lady told police she was holding Jaxon when he dropped out of her arms and struck his head. Then she became terrified and stepped on him to put an end to his sobbing. According to authorities, an imprint of her sneaker was found on Jaxon’s skull.

May the little child’s soul rest in peace. May both the families find strength and peace to deal with this terrible situation.

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