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Grieving Harry Feels Lonely at Windsor after Death of Grandma Who Supported Him in ‘Whatever He Decided to Do’

Prince Harry had been quiet about his grandma’s demise until recently, when he shared his emotional state after her passing.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived at Windsor Castle to pay their respects to the Queen after an invite from Prince William and Princess Kate was extended to the duo.

Harry and Meghan were affectionate as they walked together and read the compliments left for Queen Elizabeth II. Admirers were moved that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Prince and Princess of Wales stopped to speak to them.

Few mourners spoke to the royals and during this time, Prince Harry expressed his emotional state about losing his grandmother. He said that Windsor Castle is a deserted place up there now short of her.

He stated that the Queen had filled the castle without realizing it and acknowledged that every room she was in, they felt her existence all over. Prince Harry had looked up to Queen Elizabeth II since he was only 12 after the demise of Princess Diana in 1997.  

Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left The Firm in 2020 but the gap between them didn’t halt the Queen and her grandson from upholding the exclusive tie they had with one another.

Talking about his connection with his grandma after shifting to the United States, Harry said that his grandmother and he have a truly good connection and an understanding and he have a profound admiration for her.

As per the reports, Queen voiced her support for Prince Harry when he left the royal family to move to US. Prince Harry met with his grandma on the last day he finished royal schedules and they had lunch together and did not use any designations.

Prince Harry would no longer be a senior working royal and would not be remunerated to partake in royal activities. Still, as the grandma and grandson dined on a roast lunch, the Queen assured Harry that she would offer her support in whatsoever he decided to do.

It is said that the communications among the Queen and Prince Harry that day were relaxed and was just a lunch between a grandmother and her grandchild before he left for the US.

Even though Prince Harry stopped being a working member of the royal family, he continuously tried to confirm that his grandma was safe and taken care well. He also made a rigorous effort to continue in touch with his grandmother and grandfather via zoom calls. Both his grandparents were proficient at doing video calls and had seen their great-grandchildren on the calls.

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