Grieving husband shares final text messages with wife before she was murdered at Tulsa medical center

Beau Glenn, the husband of one of the victims of the Tulsa mass shooting, has published the last texts he had with his wife before she was shot. “There is an active shooter.”

On June 1, a shooter entered the Natalie building of the St. Francis Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with the intention of killing the doctor who had previously conducted back surgery on him as well as “anybody who stopped in his way.”

Two doctors, a receptionist, and a patient were all killed. Michael Louis, the attacker, also died as a consequence of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As per accounts, the shooter assassinated Michael Love and Amanda Glenn as they tried to halt the attack. Officials estimate the gunshot lasted less than a minute, but it was long enough for Amanda to text and receive a response from her husband, Beau.

“Honey, get under your f***ing desk or into your boss’s office.” According to screenshots released, he wrote, “what the f*** shut the doors.”

“He’s shooting,” she said. “I am.”

She texted him twice more to let him know that 911 was not responding and to provide him the name of her building.

“Keep your chair beneath your desk”

He kept contacting her, but he never received a response. Amanda had been murdered.

“I need to know you’re okay, baby.”

Beau said he wanted everyone to see the final text conversations since they are intimate and heartbreaking.

He added, he wants everybody to learn what their final words were and why it’s so vital to love one another and always say I love you whenever one leaves for any purpose. He wants everybody to realise how valuable family and friends are in life.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the family. Amanda is survived by her husband and two teenage boys.

It’s heartbreaking to read Amanda and Beau’s farewell letters to each other. Hope we all understand how valuable life is and how fast it can be snatched away.

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