Grieving Mom Begs Parents To Push Past ‘I’m OK’ After Losing Her 11-Year-Old Daughter.

Losing a kid is the worst thing that can happen to a parent. The anguish and sadness are unimaginable, leaving families crushed, stunned, and unable to handle all of the emotions that accompany such a devastating tragedy.

Makayla Villatoro, 11, was supposed to be enjoying her twelfth birthday. Instead, her bereaved mother is calling with other parents to probe deeper when their children respond, “I’m alright.”

Hellem Villatoro is experiencing each parent’s most obviously terrible bad dream. Her lovely little girl is no more. And the untimely event has left a slew of unresolved questions.

Makayla Villatoro’s terrible death was caused by her own actions. Her lovely family was absolutely taken aback by her suicide. One day the joyful 11-year-old was counting down to her birthday, the following, she was no more.

The young lady’s grief stricken mother, Hellem Villatoro, expressed that she was fine, for her birthday, she got what she needed… she needed a PlayStation, she was receiving a PlayStation. It was unfair. She should be enjoying her daughter’s birthday and not grieving her little girl. It’s the most obviously terrible aggravation. It’s the most horrendously awful aggravation on the planet, how might you even nod off to know that she’s not there?

The absence of warning indications has shocked the family.

Hellem said her daughter was always cheerful and to ask anyone whether they have ever seen Makayla cry.

We’ll never know if Makayla’s choice to terminate her life was influenced by bullying or a hidden internal conflict. And it’s one of the most difficult things her family has to deal with as they lament. In her mom’s words who wails with pain, “There are so many I’ll never get answers to. The most important question is why. why?”

Makayla Villatoro’s devastated mother has some advice for other parents as this new, awful reality sets in. She advises them to keep a close eye on their children’s mental health.

“Keep a watchful eye on your children. Even if they say, “Mom, it’ll be OK.” No. They should be pushed. They should be pushed. Look through their phones “Hellem Villatoro expresses his opinion.

It’s tough to discern whether a grin is concealing a more serious ailment. Makayla Villatoro’s family is in our thoughts and prayers. And it is our goal that her tale may encourage individuals who are suffering from emotional well-being to seek assistance.

On the off chance that you or somebody you love is is struggling with suicidality, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Please share this story to encourage parents to talk more with their kids and understand if they need help. 

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