Groom ‘plays a video of his bride cheating with her brother-in-law’

Videotape of a groom playing a film of his fiancée seemingly cheating with her brother-in-law has turn out to be viral in China.

The guy had played a five-minute sex tape on a large screen in front of family and known contacts to embarrass his disloyal fiancée after realizing her affair with her expecting sister’s spouse.

The unconfirmed videotape, supposed to be recorded by a visitor at the wedding, has sparked an uproar between web users. Although few of them trust the episode to be actual, whereas others claim that the clips have been used by a video app as a publicizing show.

The viral matter, containing three clips, has been extensively reported by key Chinese-language media channels. As per the several reports, the nuptial happened on previous Thursday in south-eastern China.

One of the three videos displays the pair walking down the aisle and then reaching on a stage at their marriage dinner. 

The host is caught telling the guests that now they are going to display the videos of how the wedding couple grew up. Shockingly, an X-rated video began playing just seconds later.

The video then displays the groom blaming the wife-to-be that she thought that he did not aware of all this and the bride tossing her flower bunch at her partner. Shortly after, they are parted by their family members.  

The other two videos of roughly five minutes in total, are vulgar pictures said to be of the newlywed and her brother-in-law.

It is said that the duo had been in an association for almost two years and was engaged six months ago. It is been reported that groom got to know about his fiancé’s affair after fitting a security camera in their upcoming home during a makeover plan. 

According to the reports, the bride’s sister was six months pregnant.

As per a significant Chinese entertainment blogger, the videos initially appeared on a short-video app called ‘Aubergine Video’, thus the episode was billed as the ‘aubergine brother-in-law gate’.

The blogger also claimed that the wife-to-be cheated on her husband-to-be after suffering from domestic ferocity from him. She supposedly decided to tie the knot with him after he had assured to pay for a flat and a car after their marriage.

The blogger said that the wife-to-be acknowledged the affair and added that she and her brother-in-law developed feelings after the latter underway to intermediate between her and her fiancé in their argument over domestic ferocity.

The wife-to-be has commanded her partner to remove all clips from the internet. Though, another gossip journalist trusts the entire episode was a publicity act.

Presently, clips relating the episode have been detached from Chinese social media platform but are still circulating on Twitter.  

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