Gun-toting Florida dad rushes to daughter’s apartment, turns tables on her abusive ex: police.

According to authorities, a Florida father shot his daughter’s violent ex-boyfriend dead after the guy reportedly assaulted her in her flat and then returned for more.

On Saturday, Gainesville police officers went to a domestic dispute at the Polos Apartments complex and discovered that the woman’s unnamed ex-boyfriend had gone inside her apartment and “physically abused her,” according to a police statement. According to authorities, the woman’s father also arrived to the flat in the aftermath.

The ex returned and made entrance around 30 minutes after police took a complaint for the alleged domestic argument, according to cops.

According to authorities, her father shot the suspect once in the chest with a pistol this time.

The suspect escaped, and responding cops discovered him dead beside his vehicle. Despite CPR attempts, EMS ruled him dead, according to investigators.

According to the Gainesville Police Department, the investigation is continuing.

Local media said that residents of the residential complex were shocked by the gunshot.

Dalton Graham, a resident, said the neighbourhood is normally safe, adding that the complex is close to the University of Florida campus.

He assumed one had the incorrect Polos or something, Graham said to the publication. He have nothing but positive things to say about the university and the city in general, and particularly the Polos Apartments. He’d never had anything like this before, so it was rather startling.

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