Guy Gets Annoyed At A Toddler At A Café Because He Wants To Use It As His Office, The Kid’s Mom Calls Him Out.

A mother and her toddler are having breakfast at a café when a man on a team call at a nearby table starts sighing and rolling his eyes. After a few minutes, the mother speaks up, telling him that the café is not an office and he’s in the wrong place if he needs silence. The man huffs off and comes back, giving her evil eyes.

Source: Mumsnet

I’m probably being unreasonable for posting here in the first place since there’s a bit of an anti kids in public sentiment here at times, but when did it become acceptable for people to think a coffee shop is the same as an office??

I was just having breakfast and a coffee with my toddler and someone was taking a team call at a nearby table. If it’s relevant we were seated first.

Toddler was being good as gold imo, I get sometimes they can be too loud or badly behaved but they were just sitting drinking their juice and having a little babble and singing, occasionally pointing out things they saw. “Cup! Cup!” Obviously louder than if I was just sitting by myself but really not a disturbance and no louder than any other table of 2 chatting.

The man sat sighing and rolling his eyes for about ten minutes until I just had to turn to him and say ‘sorry but this is actually a cafe not an office, if you’re in a meeting and need silence you’re in the wrong place’.

He did a big huff, picked up his laptop and walked off trying to find a new table but had to come back as it was too busy.

Now he’s sitting there giving me evil eyes.

Am I Being Unreasonable to think I’m not in the wrong here?? I’m really not a confrontational person and normally wouldn’t speak up but a public cafe at breakfast time isn’t exactly the place to do a work meeting!

If people want to rave about working from home then go fu**ing work at home. People out in public don’t need to tiptoe around you because you want a change of scenery during the work day while you sit in meetings.

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