‘HAILED AS HEROES’: Two deputies hospitalized after saving children from house fire.

According to the officials, two courageous sheriff’s deputies in Tennessee were hospitalized on Monday afternoon after rescuing 2 kids who were caught inside a blazing home.

Within minutes of getting the call, deputies Zach Fortner and Cody Evans arrived at the home fire on Briarwood Road in Montgomery County and located 2 kids still trapped inside, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

As per officials, the quick-thinking deputies used a ladder to crawl into a bedroom window and find the kids as smoke engulfed the house. The four of them were able to flee the home fire.

Fortner and Evans were both taken to the hospital in stable condition and treated for smoke inhalation. According to the sheriff’s office, the kids were in the care of their mother. No further subtleties were promptly accessible.

Sheriff John Fuson remarked that he is proud of Zach and Cody for their unselfish and brave acts this afternoon. They  would be telling a very different and heartbreaking tale this evening if these two deputies had not arrived on the scene as quickly as they did.  As a result of their acts, these two children were rescued, and a mother is happy rather than weeping. Fuson concluded, “Thank you, God is Good.”

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