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Handyman Strikes Back: Taking Down Squatters Who Invaded His Mother’s Home

A handyman decided to take action against suspected squatters who had taken over his mother’s home in Northern California.

The United Handyman Association member, Flash Shelton, posted a YouTube video explaining his approach. After his father’s recent passing, Shelton and his mother put the house up for rent.

A woman who claimed to be a prison guard asked to rent the home but did not have the necessary funds or credit. Later, Shelton discovered that the home was full of furniture and people. Despite calling the police, he received no help, as squatters have legal rights that are difficult to challenge.

To solve the problem, Shelton wrote a lease agreement, stating that he was the legal resident of the home, and drove to California with guns and his dog to take back the house. The squatters were gone by the next day, and Shelton warned others against trying to replicate his success without caution.

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