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‘Happy Days’ Anson Williams Gets Engaged at 73 – Grandpa-Of-4 Cherishes Family in Farm Town after Beating Cancer.

Anson Williams, well remembered for his role as Potsie Weber on “Happy Days,” recently had one of his happiest days. The actor is already in his early 70s, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his life to the utmost.

The actress has had a long career in Hollywood and has followers all around the globe. His family, though, has remained essential to him. He is now adding a member to his family, which will result in a lifetime commitment for him.

Williams was born in Los Angeles in September 1949 and was best known as Richie Cunningham’s closest buddy on “Happy Days” from 1974 until 1984. Williams, on the other hand, had not anticipated landing the post.

He auditioned for the part at the last minute and got it, but the pilot didn’t work out. They tried again later, and this time the pilot sold, establishing Williams as the official Potsie Weber after being picked from hundreds of others.

Although he was a huge hit during his time on the show, he put up his acting gloves when it finished. Yet he remained in the entertainment sector as a director.

“Diagnosis Murder,” “Beverley Hills, 90210,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” “Charmed,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and “Lizzie McGuire” all included Williams as a director.

He is also the dad of five kids with his ex-wife, Jackie Williams, with whom he married in 1988. Yet none of his kids want to work in Hollywood, and the actor-turned-director says he would never push it on them.

Williams and his family relocated from Los Angeles to Ojai in 2011. The actor said that the decision was made largely to guarantee the safety of his kids. Williams remembers a “dangerous moment” in the nation. He desired to relocate to a location where his kids would have pleasant experiences.

Ojai had a particular place in the family’s hearts since it was where they spent many of their weekends before permanently relocating there. Williams and his family felt considerably safer once they relocated.

After experiencing a personal problem in the city, Williams felt that Los Angeles was no longer secure for him and his family. After being diagnosed with cancer and spending a month in the hospital, the incidence occurred.

The filmmaker said that he had been shattered and despondent and that he wanted to find his path again. His house in Ojai was the only location he could conceive of that would give him this peace of mind.

Williams highlighted how relocating to Ojai and being out of the limelight helped him rediscover his enthusiasm for life; this community gradually accepted him and welcomed him back. He owes Ojai a lot for that, for his health, sanity, and capacity to go on.

Williams was diagnosed with cancer a week before Christmas in 2016. He was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer by medical specialists, and he had surgeries and treatments shortly after.

Thankfully for him, he recovered entirely and said that being in treatment for as long as he was taught him exactly what was essential in his life and what might go wrong.

Never limit your dreams. Keep on movin' on. 69 yrs young today and just gettin' started!

Posted by Anson Williams on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The filmmaker discovered that the individuals who loved and cared for him gave his life meaning. He got more adamant in his conviction and started reprioritizing some aspects of his life.

When asked what he put more attention on when physicians diagnosed him, he gushed that he discovered a newfound love for his family.

Although he has always adored his kids, he said that everything became more intense once they were discharged from the hospital. They are now the center of his attention, and he makes sure they know it.

Regrettably, after recovering from his cancer diagnosis, Williams’ 30-year marriage started to unravel. The pair first filed for divorce in 2019. Yet, they withdrew the filing a month after it was submitted.

Nine months later, the couple had not repaired their relationship and returned it to its former splendor. Both parties followed through on the divorce petition this time. Williams said that they did what was best for everyone concerned.

Despite the fact that Williams divorced his ex-wife in 2020, he has been in a serious relationship since then and recently proposed. On April 3, 2023, he announced his engagement on Facebook.

Sharon MaHarry, Williams’ new fiancée, is a real estate expert. She also has a journalist daughter named Lindsay. Lindsay is MaHarry’s only kid and resides in Los Angeles.

MaHarry has often shared photos of herself with her boyfriend on social media. She posted a snapshot of the pair at San Ysidro Ranch, where they enjoyed breakfast, a year before their engagement.

MaHarry posted a picture of herself, Williams, and George Hamilton eating lunch in July 2022. They all smiled before the camera, and MaHarry said of Hamilton:

“The classiest guy in Hollywood … and a total crackup.”

The pair spends a lot of time with their friends, and MaHarry likes showing off those aspects of their existence. MaHarry shared a picture of herself and Williams with another couple in August 2022, saying it had been a nice day with friends.

Although she likes uploading images of herself and her lover on social media, she sometimes allows him to shine, such as in August 2022 when she shared a snapshot of her spouse conversing to a crowd of people.

Apart from his relationship with his fiancee, Williams was gifted with his first grandchild in October 2022. Hannah, his daughter, went to Instagram shortly after her birth to announce her arrival.

She posted images of herself, her kid, and her husband in the delivery room. Yet she did not divulge her identity. She said a month later that she had named her baby Leni and that her elder brothers adored her.

Hannah came to Instagram again on January 1, 2023, to post a nice shot of all four of her kids on the beach. Leni’s oldest brother held her as the other two leaned in for a closer look. Hannah described Leni as their greatest gift in 2022.

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