Hard Work Pays Off For The Homeless And Turns Himself To Be Employee Of The Year.

Wes Byington of Sarasota, Florida, loves his job as an employee with the city’s Public Works department. He loves doing what he does and he loves going to work everyday. That’s something a lot of people might scoff at…. love their job… love going to work everyday.

But Wes really means it… because it gives him a great purpose in life… something he just did not have… when he was homeless. His bosses call him a model employee.

Says one of them, Todd Kucharisk: “He is very driven. He has a passion for getting things completed. He wants to get the work assignments done and he is very pro active.”

It was just three years ago that Wes was living on the streets of Sarasota. He really wanted his life to change, but he didn’t know how to go about doing that. Then he started up a conversation with some people at the Salvation Army, and they suggested he join the city’s Street Team, a group that gets together to pick up trash in the area and works on landscaping projects.

So he did, and in no time at all, he was getting noticed, and many were even requesting him for certain jobs. Wes has risen far from those desperate moments a few years back. Perhaps those dreary recollections have pushed and even encouraged Wes to be the best he can possibly be.

Adds Kucharisk: “To see somebody like that, that has gone so far down one end and rising up to move forward in the other end is truly an enjoyable thing to be a part of.”

And Wes actually IS a part of a great thing, as he has already had two promotions and was Recently named Employee of the Year.

Recalling one’s past CAN be a great motivator. 

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