Hard working 14-year-old farmer found dead in reservoir leaving disabled veteran dad ruined

It is hard to learn about death, particularly when you are a child. The death of this adolescent is heartbreaking, particularly for his family, who relied largely on him.

According to the family’s viewpoint, Kevin Cooper was a very happy and compassionate young guy. While his true identity was Kevin Cooper, he amassed a sizable social media following under the alias Cole Summers. Kevin wrote a novel as Cole Summers, and another one was just launched.

He spoke under a pseudonym about his experiences homeschooling and becoming a businessman at the age of fourteen.

Kevin Cooper was not your typical kid. He began working toward his entrepreneurial aspirations when he was seven years old, starting a farm that he developed to over 350 acres by the time he was fourteen. He was a prosperous farmer.

He also authored a book on his encounters, and his second book was recently launched.

As per his father, the tragic occurrence occurred on Saturday about 2:40 p.m. when the adolescent was at a pal’s birthday party.

Cooper and his 17-year-old brother were canoeing. The guys were not wearing life jackets. According to the first news statement issued by the Iron County Sheriff’s Office, horseplay was the cause.

However, a Facebook user called Stefanie Hartlmaier Whitelaw has subsequently commented that no horseplay between the brothers was engaged, and incorrect information stating this is making Kevin’s brother feel extremely terrible, despite the fact that he did everything he could to rescue his brother’s life.

The Whitelaw family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to aid with the expenditures that come with burial as well as the legal fees associated with dealing with the firm Kevin Cooper established while he was alive.

The Whitelaw family’s GoFundMe effort demonstrates how motivated and caring young Kevin was. “Kevin was a perpetually cheerful child who lived on making others smile and motivating them to achieve whatever life objectives they had.” Kevin possessed an unrivalled feeling of ambition. “He handled his own homeschooling while simultaneously operating a small farm he began when he was seven,” according to the description.

They also mentioned the enormous obligations that young Kevin had in the depiction. “He was the son of a crippled Veteran, but also the sole non-impaired member of his family,” according to the description.

It also said how he supported his dad whenever he required him and how he had enormous ambitions to improve his autistic brother’s life.

The family will also lose the VA disability dependent income as a result of his demise.

The 14-year-old had great business plans. He was a homeschooling supporter, and his Twitter account had a huge following who were motivated by the young man. Kevin’s dad used his Twitter account to inform his fans of his son’s untimely death. He also discussed Kevin’s second book, which was about to be launched, and all of the projects he had been concentrating on.

His dad bemoaned his child’s death and urged all to pursue in his young son’s footsteps, adding that nothing made Kevin happier than hearing that he had encouraged somebody.

Kevin Cooper’s death is heartbreaking. We are praying for Kevin and his family to recover from such a tragic loss.

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Rest in peace dear Kevin!

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