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Harry says Diana “lost her life” after being manipulated for BBC interview: Can’t “lose another woman in my life”

Princess Diana conducted the notorious BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir almost two and a half decades ago. And it was now revealed that Bashir used deceptive means to secure the explosive interview.

The contentious interview is still remembered as one of the most talked-about exchanges Princess Diana had in public in 1995. She made bombshell claims such as “three of us” in her marriage to Prince Charles while sitting opposite Bashir for the interview.

🚨 BREAKING: A landmark BBC inquiry has concluded that Martin Bashir used "deceitful behaviour" in a "serious breach" of…

Posted by The Telegraph on Thursday, 20 May 2021

Following an official investigation, BBC Panorama discovered that Bashir went so far as to fabricate phoney papers in order to influence Princess Diana into giving the interview.

After the investigation’s findings were announced, Princess Diana’s sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, issued comments. Their mom was killed as a result of this, and nothing has improved, Prince Harry said in a statement.

Prince Harry has already remarked about the media’s probing nature and the extent the business would go to for a spectacular headline. When he was a youngster, he saw the toll it had on his mom to continuously have cameras around her back.

In his speech, Prince Harry spoke about the impact the media had on his mother, saying that the “culture of exploitation and immoral tactics finally took her life.

His brother, Prince William, also lambasted BBC staff, saying the interview strained his mom and dad’s relationship even more. Despite the fact that Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced in 1996, when Princess Diana conducted the interview with Bashir, the Queen urged the royal pair to quit their marriage once and for all.

The interview contributed significantly to the deterioration of his parents’ relationship and has subsequently harmed many others, Prince William said. It fills him with immeasurable anguish to know that the BBC’s mistakes contributed considerably to her anxiety, paranoia, and loneliness in those final years with her.

Now that Prince Harry and his family have relocated to the United States, he has disclosed that the decision was made to safeguard his wife from the same destiny as his mom.

He described how being photographed, hounded, and tormented by cameras became something his mom couldn’t avoid. And now he desires to ensure his wife and children don’t have to go through the same ordeal.

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Posted by Yahoo Lifestyle Australia on Friday, 24 January 2020

When he thinks about his mother, the first image that comes to mind is always the same: strapped in the car, seatbelt across. His brother [Prince William was there in the car, and his mom was driving while being pursued by three, four, or five paparazzi-riding mopeds. She was practically unable to drive due to the tears, Prince Harry revealed in his new AppleTV+ docuseries, The Me You Can’t See.

In response to his mom’s murder and the risk of the same occurring to his wife, Prince Harry stated, his mom was followed to her death because she was in a relationship with somebody who was not white, and look what has occurred to her now. They’re not going to stop until [Meghan] dies, if one wants to speak about history repeating itself. It’s quite upsetting to think of losing another woman in his life.

Prince Harry stated that he hopes to end the cycle of misery by parenting his family differently. Meghan and he decided to prioritise their mental health. That’s exactly what they’re doing. That is exactly what they will strive to do.

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