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Harvey Weinstein Pleads With Judge To Stop Prison Dentist From Pulling Rotten Molars

Harvey Weinstein, a convicted rapist, is experiencing some difficulties in prison. The prisoner’s vision is fading, and he also has major dental problems.

The teeth of the prisoner are deteriorating to the point of medical emergency. Weinstein, on the other hand, is scared of letting the jail doctor extract his teeth.

This week, he attempted to persuade a court to let him attend a private dentist rather.

Weinstein does not want to be left with holes in his mouth since prison physicians just perform the bare minimum. This is an emergency, he told a judge in Los Angeles on Wednesday. He’ll pay for the dentist it’ll be a one-time thing.

Weinstein’s lawyer, Mark Werksman, claims that the inmate was offered two options. He had the option of leaving his teeth alone or having them extracted by the jail dentist. While it may not be ideal, Weinstein is a prisoner and, unless the condition is life-threatening, is unlikely to receive the five-star medical attention he was accustomed to as a wealthy and famous producer.

According to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench, the rapist has twice visited the medical ward at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Yet, he is still struggling with the consequences of his rotten teeth. The humiliated producer claims to be in a lot of agony.

Every day he is in pain, he begged. He have cavities and can’t eat since his teeth are gone.

Weinstein’s lawyer said that refusing him the care he wants would be a breach of his constitutional rights, and that the large holes in Weinstein’s lips made him seem “ridiculous” and “caricature-like.” The judge retorted.

A trip to a private dentist, according to Lench, is certainly not the usual due to the labor required. She directed his lawyer to draft a plea for dental work for her to evaluate later.

In March 2020, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in jail for several rape and sexual assault offenses. Weinstein claims he was given an unjust trial and is currently appealing the case.

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