He Asked To Take A Picture With The Cop To Proof That “Cops Aren’t Bad”.

There’s good and bad in all races of people all around the world. Remember we are all God’s creation- big, small, black or white. Let’s treat one another with love, respect and kindness.

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Today I made a traffic stop on this vehicle as it had a flat tire. The man pictured here was traveling to see family and was aware the tire was flat. He began explaining to me that he had a “donut” tire as a spare, however he did not have a jack to change the tire.

I told him I had one in my patrol vehicle and offered assistance in helping him change it. I grabbed the Jack and began to place it under his car. He thanked me but said he could not allow a female to change his tire.

He started jacking it up but didn’t know how to take off the center cap. I assisted him in removing it. He had some difficulties with the Jack which required me to lay on the ground and change placement.

As he was jacking the car back up he was obviously in pain, telling me that he had been shot 8 times and has severe leg/back pain. I put the donut on and tightened the lugs. Let the Jack down and sent him on his way.

He inadvertently left an item at the scene of the traffic stop, so I caught up to him to return it. At that time he asked me if we could take a picture together to say that he has proof that “cops aren’t bad”. I gladly agreed.

He told me he wanted to share his experience and asked I do the same. Because, you see….it’s NOT a black and white thing. It’s NOT a male and female thing. It IS a HUMANITY thing. All it takes is a little compassion.

Thank you, sir, for brightening my day.

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