He Decided To Pay For 5 Ladies At The Restaurant But Didn’t Expect This Response.

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Was sitting at breakfast in Hampton Beach and across the restaurant were five SUPER CUTE elderly ladies. I don’t know why but it made me miss my mom hard and I felt a strong urge to pick up their check.

I don’t know them and didn’t want to bother them but I just did it. Then I was just gonna leave cause a lot of times it’s better to just do nice deeds without asking for acknowledgment but something felt like I should tell them I missed my mom, like they might like to hear that. So I walked over and said “you are five of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever seen, I lost my mom awhile back and something about seeing you made me miss her this morning so I’m getting your check.”

The lady on the end popped up with arms wide open and said “COME HERE, I lost my son and really needed this.” And then she gave me a mom hug I needed and I gave her a son hug she needed. We are all so connected. 

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