He Left His Home To Pay The Bill Instead Saved A Life.

Odis Banks was driving to a shopping center to pay a bill when something pretty amazing happened.

Here’s what Odis posted on his Facebook page:

“I was on my way to pay a bill over in the shopping center near SAMs located Samuel and Buckner in Pleasant Grove. I end up sitting in the turning lane to enter into SAMs parking lot for 5 minutes listening to cars lean on their horn, roll down their windows to yell ‘get out the way’ and watched cars back up and go around a white Chevy truck.

I was like everyone else at first… Ready for the truck to move out the way. The cars come flying off that bridge on Buckner. As I was turning I noticed that the guy that was driving was not moving. I drove on into the lot but before I got to the first speed bump I went to go check. So I turned my car around and parked on the outskirts of the lot, got out and walked to the curb to see if anyone in the car was moving but no one was. I decided to try to get 4 lanes of traffic to stop and allow me to get to the vehicle.

As I reached the car I could see a man sitting in there with his eyes wide open but whenever I said something to him he was non-responsive. I kept telling him to pull over and talk to me if something was wrong but still no response. His window was rolled down and it was raining. His clothes were drenched so I thought he had been rained on but no no no, he was drenched in sweat. I told him I was going to reach in and unlock his door and to please not hit me. No response still.

As I opened the door his foot comes off the brakes and his truck starts rolling forward. I had to stop the truck by punching the brake with my hand and reach over to put the truck in park. Seeing that this man was probably unconscious at this point I picked him on up, readjusted him and just started walking back to the other side of the street not thinking or worrying about the cars that were whizzing by until a group of drivers realized what I was doing and brought the moving vehicles to a halt.

I crossed 4 lanes of traffic to get this man to the grass where I laid him down, then returned to the truck to get it out of the street, parking it near my car. I put him into the bed of his truck and a few seconds later about 6 cars were there to help. 3 of the people that got out were nurses and began to assist me.

Maybe 3 minutes after getting him onto that truck bed he started seizuring and did so for about 4 minutes spitting and coughing up blood. The nurses and I rolled him on his side. By the time the paramedics arrived he had stopped seizuring. They took him into the ambulance and started running tests to find out that his blood sugar level had dropped all the way down to 17 and was on the verge of dying if something wasn’t done immediately because he was in diabetic coma. He had a mild stroke which was the reason he had stopped his truck in the middle of the street to begin with. I thank God for putting me in the right place at the right time.”

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