He Moves In With A Shelter Dog So She Could Get Adopted.

Queen is a three-year-old terrier that had been living at the Great Plains SPCA Shelter for well over a year… with no adoption prospects. There had just been no interest in her. None at all.

Well, that is until Scott Poore, the founder of Mission Driven Goods, learned about the dog. Previous to the shelter, Queen had been roaming the Kansas City streets, living aside a dumpster in a rough part of the town. She was rescued and brought to the shelter, and volunteers were just certain she would be snatched up and adopted right away, because she was just an adorable animal. But they were very wrong. And then Scott showed up. He, too, could not figure out why Queen had been passed up so many times on adoption.

Scott’s organization helps animal shelters promote fundraisers to buy whatever is needed for the animals. But he knew a fundraiser was not going to help with something that really mattered to one certain animal… and that was getting Queen adopted.

Says Scott: “I thought, ‘I need to do something really outrageous to draw attention toward Queen.’ And that’s when I came up with the idea of moving into the shelter, which I’ve never done before. I pitched the idea to the animal shelter. They said, ‘This is crazy, but this might just work.’”

So Scott moved into Queen’s space with her. He had a little desk and chair and bed, and it was definitely a tight fit. But he made the best of it. Queen had been on the mend with a torn ACL since they found her. And even though her health was improving, her spirit seemed to falter everytime someone would pass her by. And that broke Scott’s heart.

Says Scott: “She is the most affectionate lovable dog I probably have ever worked with. She has tons of energy. She’s just gentle. She’s loving and the last couple of months she started kind of losing hope, and that’s what motivated me to do this. I’m not going to let her lose hope.”

Scott then decorated Queen’s kennel with some stuffed animals, hoping that would make others stop and consider her. But no one came by for her. Finally, one of Scott’s friends helped him get the word out about Queen, and then people started stopping by to see her.

And after about 8 days, Queen was finally adopted by a local family, who fell in love with her. And Scott could not be any prouder, knowing that he played a significant part in it.

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