He Raced To The Vet To Save His Cat.

Source: Reddit

My son is non-neurotypical. Lots of issues in school growing up and misunderstood by loads of people. Brilliant and kind yet different. His best friend is his cat and their relationship was beyond special. My son always said he wouldn’t know what he would do if his cat died – he hoped it would be after he left home to go to college. He wants to be an aerospace engineer and would say he would be ‘with his people’ then so he would be able to better manage losing his cat.

Today, he witnessed his cat die from a difficult yet rapid death and held him as we raced to the vet who could not save him from a massive stroke.

I’ve been dreading this day – I can fight teachers, school districts, bullies and even his dad to protect him but I can’t protect him from death. I too prayed he would be older to have more skills and supports to cope with grief and loss.

My son cried briefly and then turned to console me. He said he was at peace with his cat’s death because he was going to use his cat’s memory “to propel me to be a more kind, and compassionate man”, “we can only move forward, mom”.

my kid is awesome and perfect just as he is. 💙

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