He Shares 15 Points Plan Which His Dead Wife Shared To Raise Their 8 Children.

Ian and Angie of South Yorkshire, England, met when they were 14 years old and quickly fell in love, and that young love carried them to the alter some years later to exchange wedding vows in 1985.

They had a wonderful marriage, and out of it came eight children – 6 boys and 2 girls. And those children… they were pretty wonderful too. But that took some good and disciplined parenting from Ian and Angie.

In 2008, Angie developed lung cancer, and there was nothing she or anyone else could do to stop it. She was only 46 at the time, and she was well aware that her time was very limited.

Two years later, as that time was now very quickly running out, Angie did something for her husband that has made all the difference in the world to him. She wrote out a list of parenting essentials that would help Ian in dealing with and raising their children… because now he would be all alone in doing that.

Says Ian: “I can never replace Angie… I don’t want to – but I’m determined to do everything that I can to make her proud of our family. Luckily she has made it easier for me.”

Two days after Angie gave Ian the “To do” list, that cancer took her. Here is the list Angie gave Ian which has proved invaluable for him:

1. Plait girl’s hair or it splits 
2. Must do homework before bed 
3. Must be in one hour before dark 
4. Vet TV programs 
5. Don’t let them bite nails 
6. Vet boyfriends/girlfriends 
7. Keep going to Thornwick with rest of family 
8. Be strict with them 
9. Check their hair for nits 
10. Only one hour a day on computer 
11. Make sure Ella has her meningitis boosters 
12. Don’t have iron too hot for shirts 
13. Don’t leave Ella in bath alone 
14. Don’t give them too many sweets 
15. Sun block on hot days 

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