He suffered 98% burns as a toddler, but now he’s raised two kids as a single dad – “God does miracles”

We are all created equally in this world, and ultimately, we should all have the same chances and be offered the same love and caring to help us flourish.

Unfortunately, our individual paths remain just that: individual. Growing up, some of us have only known compassion. Others are subjected to extreme difficulties and sufferings from a young age. Others are still subjected to experiences that no youngster should have.

Chris Tomlinson belongs to the latter group. Chris, now an adult with two girls, has followed a painful and difficult route. Thankfully, his faith is strong and has endured the test of time, despite the fact that it might have easily wavered in the face of tragedy.

Chris was still a child when he was a victim in a horrible accident. Chris got away from his parents and walked into a shed in his family’s garden before he was even two years old. There, the inquisitive youngster toppled over a can of gasoline and doused himself in it.

When the hot water heater’s pilot light switched on, it exploded the fuel, catching Chris on fire. The small youngster had 98 percent of his body burned and was in excruciating pain.

Chris’s mom hurried him to the hospital, where doctors gave him a 1% hope of living the night. With his family by his side, the brave young kid overcame the tremendous odds and survived. Naturally, his life was irrevocably altered. He spent the majority of his youth in and out of hospitals, enduring over 200 operations in an attempt to heal his body.

Chris stated, he always considered positive in everything. He  had a huge grin on his face since he felt God was with him.  It wasn’t only his own will; God was there for him the entire time. The myriad obstacles and trials continued Chris into adulthood, when he was warned that having kids was extremely unlikely.

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Chris, on the other hand, shocked them incorrectly yet again by welcoming not one, but two daughters into the world. Holding down a stable work has proven incredibly challenging at times due to his injuries – and the accompanying variances in his look and physical appearances.

As a result, Chris and his girls have ended up homeless. Throughout it all, Chris refused to give up his trust in God.

A few years ago, the dad of two turned to the internet to start a discourse about his numerous problems. His goal was not to demand sympathy or assistance from anybody, but instead to serve as a catalyst for conversation about how individuals with disabilities are perceived and handled in the present era.

The response was more than he could have imagined, and the kindness of random people on the internet enabled Chris to get back on his feet while he was in a bad position.

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Unfortunately, Chris’s wife of 14 years left him and the girls soon after, causing him to raise them as a single father and throwing him back into the unknown. Chris described his wife’s leaving as “awful.” He would  rather get burnt all over again than go through that agony.

Nevertheless, it was when he was back in the depths of depression that he regained his courage once more. He explained he glanced at his kids, and they were smiling and hugging him. And he thought, ‘this is his mission. This is what he needs to accomplish; they require his assistance.’

Chris experienced possibly his most profound insight while attending a funeral for a relative. He was in an automobile accident that acted as a wake-up call, leading him to feel that he should return to Plant City, Florida, to nurture his girls.

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He still gets unusual looks from passers-by after the relocation, and he will have to live with the reality that he appears different from people around him because of the tragic event when he was a kid.

For Chris, God may operate in unexpected ways, but he has a purpose for all of us, and it is that lesson that he is now attempting to communicate.

Chris stated that getting his story out there is a significant passion of his. Once again, not for me, but to bring God honour.

Chris Tomlinson | My Story "I've been a burn survivor before I even turned 2 years old and one of the youngest to survive the amounts of burns of 97% of my body! I love life! I love to smile and spread joy!" Chris Tomlinson

Posted by A Million Voices on Saturday, 12 February 2022

“Since many individuals accept God is no longer present – that God no longer performs miracles.” Every second of every day, God performs marvels. All you have to do is look around.”

Chris’s tale is truly motivating. It’s incredible that he’s been through so much and yet works so hard to inspire others.

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