He Told His Mother He Won’t Give 100% On His New Job.

“My 1 And Only Charles Bonds Jr. Aka Bam Bam He’s Been Putting In applications all over Gonzales since he graduated last year, he was getting very frustrated, (He ask me mamma, is it because I’m special and, of course as a mother it brought me to tears and I told him no you just have to push even harder and that’s what he did) because nobody would give him a chance, but God Is Good And heard My Baby Cry And Answered His Prayer, He’s Now An employ here at Whataburger he tells me Mom I’m not going to give it 100% imma give it a thousand percent and I know he will!!!!

Facebook/Keya Thompson

God Might Not Come When U Want Him But He’s Always On Time…. THAT SMILE ON HIS FACE…… PRICELESS!!!!”

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