He Treats The Ladies Who Were Cleaning The Bathroom With Homemade Cookies.

It doesn’t take much to brighten another person’s day.

I was on my way to Ohio when I stopped at a rest area to use the bathroom. As I walked in the bathroom I notice two women who were keeping the bathrooms and the area cleaned. I smiled and greeted them as I walked in.

As I was about to get in the car I thought about the cookies I was taking to Dover. I walked back in the building and asked the two ladies if they would like a homemade Grandma Z. cookie. They both said they would so I walked out and brought the bowl back in and let them take a cookie.

As I was leaving I thanked them for the wonderful job they did by keeping the rest area cleaned; and let them know how much I appreciated their effort.

The look of surprise and happiness on each of their faces was really something. It didn’t take much on my part to brighten their day. I was blessed to be a part of Letting the SON Shine and allowing God to show His LOVE through me that day.

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