Heartbroken father committed suicide in a gesture of love and devotion, after leaving his son in a hot car.

Aaron Beck, 37, committed suicide by shooting himself on the same day his 18-month-old son, Anderson, died after being left in a car. On June 28, a sad tragedy happened in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Aaron’s bereaved family described him as having sacrificed his life to his kid in a gesture of tremendous dedication and love.

When cops came to Aaron’s house, they discovered the car parked in the driveway, the rear door open, and the child’s car seat empty.

Little Anderson was located dead inside the residence, while Aaron was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a forested area outside his home.

Anderson was characterized as a smart little kid who brought his family together and was passionately loved by his parents and surrounding relatives, in his obituary.

Aaron, a draftsman by trade, was characterized in his obituary as generous, compassionate, loving, and sensitive with his kid. His altruistic devotion was a monument to the potential of parenting and the capabilities of the heart.

A GoFundMe campaign has so far gathered almost $7,000 to assist Aaron and Anderson’s loved ones with burial costs.

Tuesday morning, a horrible catastrophe snatched a parent and kid away from their great buddy in an instant, it says. While certain expenditures are covered, this is something that cannot be effectively budgeted for. This GoFundMe page was created to assist alleviate some of her financial strain. Thank you very much for ones help throughout this terrible catastrophe.

This is a sad disaster on so many levels, Chesterfield County officer Chris Hensley told reporters. Their thoughts go out to the family and friends who will have to cope with this.

However, they would be negligent if they did not take this occasion to remind folks how crucial it is to inspect their automobiles.

Certainly, we’d want to use this opportunity to encourage all of our readers to always double-check their cars while traveling with young kids.

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