Heartbroken Father Watches Infant Son Taken Off Life Support Just Weeks After Wife Dies At Childbirth

Raising a family with the love of his life, who had been in his life since high school, was all Matt Accurso had hoped for. And when they found out Lauren was expecting a baby boy, they assumed their picture-perfect family would be perfect. The fairytale was over when the dad of three small girls had to witness his high school love die as a result of problems with the delivery of his son.

Lauren and Matt were married for 20 years and the parents of three daughters, Ali Rose, Naomi Belle, and Layne Louise. And the prospect of having a son had thrilled the Accurso household with enthusiasm and eagerness. There was so much enthusiasm since they were having a boy after three girls, said the couple’s pastor, Matt McCloghry.

Nobody, however, could have prevented what transpired at Matthew’s delivery. “Lauren has returned home to live with Jesus. There are no words to explain the anguish and sadness that so many people have experienced” according to their GoFundMe website “Lauren died during delivery from what has so far been found to be an unavoidable and extremely unusual medical emergency.”

Matt had to see his newborn son battle for life while being linked to tubes and machines while grieving over his wife and the mom of his 4 kids. Due to delivery problems, infant Matthew had serious brain damage, causing his little body to struggle with cognitive function and growth.

Matt expressed that his initial instinct as Matthew’s daddy upon hearing this news was to pick his darling child up and transport him as far away from machines, meds, life support, and hospital odours as he could. He hoped to swoop him away to their family condo on the beach and let his sisters, grandmas, and cousins wash his little body of all his infirmities, however as life sometimes does, he was brought back down to the truth that his only son, the sweet boy that his wife so diligently and tenderly carried for 9 months, is in a scenario that daddy cannot repair.

Matt struggled to cling on to whatever faith he could while sitting hopelessly by his son’s side as he was hooked to machines. “The ONLY solace in all of this could only come from his heavenly daddy, who put air in Matthew’s lungs from the start,” the father explained.

It was at this moment that Matt began to ponder about miracles; having lost his wife and the prospect of losing his son was a difficult burden to bear.

“Some may hear our story and think, “What a terrible tragedy.” Some may wonder, “Where is God when we need him?” Some would argue that miracles do not occur. But do you want to know the truth? Matthew is a genuine miracle” Matt stated. He is certain that his kid was a “living miracle” who was born amid the commotion of physicians attempting to rescue his mother’s and his own lives.

Matt explained, Matthew then surpassed all chances, opening his eyes, breathing on his own, pumping blood via his powerful heart, moving his limbs without stiffness, and even making coo noises. His body gradually started operating, and he even grasped his finger, which according to what they were informed should have been unthinkable.

Pastor McCloghry expressed, they truly believe they have been able to hang onto a miracle, and baby Matthew is a miracle. They’re seeing everything from heaven’s perspective. The name Matthew signifies ‘God’s gift.’ They’ve decided to see him as a real gift.

The distraught dad had to witness his kid after spending the first and only weeks of his life hooked to a machine in the NICU. He seeks calm in acknowledging the miracles in his life, such as making precious memories with his soulmate and enjoying special memories with his kid, even if only for a short time.

Matt explained, his miracle was having his soul love by his side for over 20 years and then being so lucky to give her four beautiful children. His miracle is holding his kid for as many wonderful minutes as he can and, when the time comes, hoisting him up to his mother so she can hug him for the first time in heaven.

Before saying goodbye to Matthew, the dad and his three kids spent as much time as they could with him and experienced some precious moments together. Matt made certain that they properly “saw Matthew go to his mother and Heavenly Father.”

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