HEARTFELT: 7-year-old donates entire piggy bank to help those devastated by Hurricane Ian

Dominic D’Andrea, 7, gave all of the money in his piggy bank to individuals affected by Hurricane Ian expressing that the residents of Florida needed the money more than he did.

He was saving enough for a Corvette or an electric scooter, but people need this, he remarked in a TikTok video released by his mother, Jaclyn.

D’Andrea, who was joined by his mother, described what prompted the contribution and discussed additional ways the family is getting involved in the relief effort.

It all began with a talk on the way to drop the kids off at school on Wednesday morning, Jaclyn explained.

Dominic asked a lot of questions, like why she was sad and what a storm was, and she had a feeling she understood where his tiny mind was going when they got back home, she continued.

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Jaclyn stated that she took the video of Dominic clutching his piggy bank to present to her husband, who was at work at the time.

She literally submitted that video to social media as a proud mom, never expecting it to take off the way it did, she explained.

Dominic informed Hegseth that he had $200 in his piggy bank before making the contribution, and that others are now pitching in to help him.

They’re heading to the supermarket to get goods and contributions, Dominic explained.

Andrea intends to load a U-Haul and set up a supply depot in the county of Fort Myers to assist victims further.

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