Heartfelt Reason To Adopt A Toddler Rather Than Raising Babies From Birth.

Story by Melissa Joy

When we decided to adopt we chose not to do an infant adoption.

So moments like this when she falls asleep on my chest do not happen often…I don’t have memories of her as a baby sleeping in my arms so these moments are priceless!

One reason of why we adopted a toddler was we had three babies we raised from birth and knew many families were waiting for babies. We didn’t want to take that opportunity from a family who has never experienced that joy. Secondly, we knew there were older kids waiting. We selected “two years and older” knowing we would be matched with an older child. When we were asked to consider a legal risk placement for a 2.5 year old, we were surprised because we had been told, “That won’t happen.”

With a toddler adoption we knew what we were giving up, holding her at birth, first days, first foods, first steps, first words, so many questions about her first two years are unanswered in our minds. We knew all of this going into it, and most days that is ok. Some days it’s sad to think we missed out on those first 2 years with her, but we remind ourselves why we made the decision we did. We would never change how we adopted, it was perfect for us. If we had adopted her as an infant we would have had 4 under 4, and I would have been so overwhelmed. So, the timing in our lives was perfect. And she fits perfectly! We are blessed by her…

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