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Helen Mirren on ex-boyfriend Liam Neeson: ‘I love him deeply to this day’

Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson may have dated in the 1980s, yet they were not a good match, she claims in a new interview.

Mirren, 77, stated that they were in love. They weren’t meant to be together in that manner, but they adored one other. To this day, she adores him. He’s such a wonderful person.

The two actors have previously discussed their romance.

They lived together, Mirren revealed in 2017 on Britain’s “The Graham Norton Show,” when she and Neeson were also guests. They lived together for four years, according to Neeson.

They were a serious thing for a time, Mirren, who will appear in the upcoming “Yellowstone” prequel series “1923,” remarked.

The duo met on the set of one of Neeson’s early films, “Excalibur,” in 1981.

Neeson, 70, recalls being thunderstruck after meeting Mirren for the first time on the film’s set in Dublin, Ireland, alongside his pal and co-star Ciarán Hinds.

In 1997, Mirren married filmmaker Taylor Hackford, while Neeson married the late Natasha Richardson in 1994.

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