Helpless 8-YO Cuddled & Slept Next To Lifeless Body Of His Pregnant Mom For Hours Without Realizing She Had Died.

Domestic abuse is one of the most difficult sorts of circumstances to discuss and flee. If you or someone you know is in a dangerous situation please ask for help. Domestic violence exists, and no one should have to go through it. No one, in any shape or form, deserves to be treated badly.

A little boy slept next to his mother’s lifeless corpse, supposing she was only fast asleep. Ashley M. Garcia was fatally beaten by her boyfriend, Alexis Armando Rojas-Mendez, in her residence in Houston’s 5500 block of De Soto Street.

Her 8-year-old son napped next to her after the murderer persuaded him not to wake his mother. He said that she was simply asleep. When the small child awoke the next morning, however, he saw his mother was still sleeping. The young kid walked out to their neighbours to seek for aid in waking her up. He discovered his mother had perished at the end of it.

Investigators discovered the mother of three, who was also seven weeks pregnant, dead. When the cops arrived at Ashley’s residence, they saw blood splattered over the walls and floors. She had blunt impact damage to her head and body, according to the investigation.

When authorities confronted him about it, the 8-year-old said he saw his mother’s boyfriend abuse her. The young toddler described the awful events to the authorities, telling them that the man struck the pregnant mother with his steel-toe work boots before fleeing their flat.

The family’s neighbours also reported to the police that they witnessed the man assaulting the wife. According to a neighbour, the guy pushed the pregnant wife and her kid into his vehicle. The woman, on the other hand, refused to enter. As a result, there was violence.

The woman was carried to the third floor and later murdered by the male. Houston police are looking for the boyfriend, who has been charged with murder, based on the evidence uncovered.

Soon after the event, the boyfriend departed the scene. He called her sisters and informed them that he was leaving town for a job. Despite his request for money, they refused to lend him money. The sisters told authorities that he sounded “stressed” over the phone during their last talk.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s family hopes Ashley’s boyfriend gets the punishment he deserves. Ashely’s sister Yessenia has been going through a lot of conflicting feelings. In her words, “I am sad, I am angry, I just want justice for her, that’s all I want, I want her to be at peace.” Ashley was a fantastic mother, she remembered. She also mentioned that some of her characteristics were passed down to her children. “Those kids are so similar to her, it’s insane.” The mother of three was given a private funeral.

Police, on the other hand, have appealed to the public for any information that may assist them in apprehending the killer.

May Ashley’s soul rest in peace. May no family go through such a horrific tragedy.

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