Henry Winkler Brings Kelly Clarkson To Tears With Message To Her Daughter.

Kelly Clarkson had an emotional moment on her talk show this week when Henry Winkler gave her daughter some sincere advice.

On Tuesday, the 77-year-old Barry actor came on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where the two discussed Winkler’s accomplishments as an author, which include over 30 children’s book titles.

She was driving her daughter to school yesterday, and she’s dyslexic, the 40-year-old mother of two said. She was also told that Winkler’s dyslexic. She finds it incredible to tell her kid that he has authored 40 novels and is dyslexic.

The talk show host went on to say that River Rose, 812, was getting bullied at school for not being able to read like all the other kids.

Clarkson said that she didn’t understand how common the learning gap was, while Winkler stated that every fifth kid is diagnosed.

She’s part of the tribe, he said, before delivering a message to the second grader.

“River! “How you learn has nothing to do with how brilliant you are,” he continued as Clarkson sobbed into the camera.

Last month, the ‘Breakaway’ singer went on Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast, where she said that one year after her divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock, she made it a point to check in on her son Remington ‘Remy’ Alexander, 7, and River to assess their moods.

Every night, when they are snuggling and she is putting them to bed, she asks them, ‘Are you happy? And if you aren’t, what could make you happier?” Clarkson explained. Especially in the last two years… it kills her however she wishes them to be honest, so she never says, ‘Oh God, don’t tell me that,’ but a lot of the time it’s like, ‘I’m just really sad. I wish Mommy and Daddy lived together.’ They’re quite open about it. She is raising that type of individual.

She just sits there and is like, She understands, the talk-show host concluded. She, too, comes from a divorced family and understands. That’s terrible. But they’ll figure something out, and they’ll be adored by both of them.

She believes it’s essential to be communicating with them and not treating them like adults, since they’re not, but not treating them like kids.” Clarkson continued. These are not insignificant sentiments. Those are significant sensations and feelings.

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