Her 7-year-old son tried to finish her off while she was cooking.

Laurie Ferris, a mother, recognized what it was like to have an energetic son. She knew about the extraordinary dynamism, the extensive mood swipes and the coarse play style that came with having a kid as vigorous as her Zachary was. But, not like most mothers, Laurie also recognized what it was like to fright for her life, living in the same home as a 7-year-old who had on one occasion tried to murder her.

Laurie described in 2011 on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that from the time he was an infant, Zach initiated displaying activities that she knew were not common.

Laurie said that it was over the top when Zach was annoyed and it wasn’t like a usual tantrum. She added that her son would yell, he would pick toys up, toss them at her and blow holes in the wall.

Laurie remembered that she started to actually fear Zach one evening when he was just 7 years old. She was just cleaning utensils at the basin and out of the blues, she just sensed Zach behind her and she twisted around. He had a table knife in his hand and he had his upper limb poised back. He had a wild appearance in his eyes, as if he was going to stab her.

Laurie snatched the knife out of Zach’s hand but she was constantly surprised by the scary instance. Joe, her husband, had his own worries back then, doubting if he was going to find his wife and their young daughter alive when he come back home from work.

Zach was identified with four diverse mental health concerns by the age 10 comprising sensory integration disorders. He spoke with Oprah quite a few years ago about how he was handling with his anger. He described softly that when he is quiet and passive, this is the actual him and when he is all out of control, that’s not the actual him.

Currently, Zach is a 14-year-old high school scholar and life for the Ferris household is now much smoother as a whole.

Laurie tells Oprah that she would term Zach as poised in his own way, inspired, humorous and altogether happy. She added that her son is an extremely caring human being and he’s constantly been that way even in the gloomiest periods.

Zach has made such progresses in monitoring his fury that he no longer goes to a substitute institute for the first time since second grade. As per his mother, he is now capable to access schooling in a community location and with the methods that he’s educated over the years now, he’s capable to function truly fine.

Zach’s father said that there is no more anxiety in the family now an added that his son has been able to achieve his faith through his activities and he’s come a really long way.

By means of a practice named Energetic Mindfulness, Zach has been capable to keep himself focused and relaxing his mind through silent reflection and thought.

Zach said that he feel like he is an indeed a peaceful person nowadays and he is just been more quiet.

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