Her Fiancé Broke Up With Her & Her Credit Card Was BLOCKED. But Then This Happened.

Breaking up… is oh so hard to do. Sometimes you need a little encouragement from a credit card company, and here’s a little dose of courage after a breakup from somewhere you would least expect it.

Christina Grady had just broken up with her boyfriend and moved into a new apartment. But when she tried using her Capital One credit card to buy new furniture, it was shut down because of that notorious “suspicious activity.”

So she called and explained the situation to a customer service rep known only as Tonya KYY905. Tonya KYY905 had some words for Christina… and they were all good.

Christina posted on Facebook that Tonya said: “Girl, I am giving you 4,500 free miles. Go on vacation. Take so many pictures of yourself all happy and post them all over that Instagram.”

A few days later, Christina’s ex texted her that flowers for her had arrived at his house. At first, she thought it might be a stalker. Then she found out it was actually Tonya who had sent them, with a note saying: “It’s cool, girl. You’re gonna be OK.”

When Christina called to thank Tonya, Tonya told her her work hours and said she could call her anytime she needed to just talk to someone. Christina told Tonya she planned to use the free miles (which equates to about $45) toward her planned wedding trip to Belize. And once there, she said, she will don her wedding dress and take lots of selfies enjoying pizza.

Says Christina: “I really want people to know that this isn’t an anecdote about a woman being hurt, it’s a story about a woman being helped.”

And for Christina, Tonya KYY905 is her hero. And as her Facebook post about it went viral, she is probably the hero for many others.

So, uhhh, what’s in YOUR wallet? 

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