Her Future Mother-In-Law Called Her Defective When She Found Out She Couldn’t Have A Baby.

I can’t have children, my soon to be mother in law didn’t like that and did what she could to sabotage our future wedding, telling people not to attend, and calling me “defective”. My future (no more) husband and his father were going to sit down with her tuesday night and try to talk sense into her. Well, she won. I don’t know what happened or what was said, but my boyfriend came home and we got into a big fight. despite what we had discussed before, he now said that he wanted kids and if I couldn’t provide them, the wedding was off. I basically said “that sounds like your mother, not you”, he replied with “I can speak for myself” and it escalated into a bunch of shouting at each other and I quickly put together a bag and went to my parents for the evening.

I called in sick from work the next day and basically stared at the ceiling. We first met when I was 9, 23 years ago, it went from being friends to more romantic, we dated through high school and went to college together, then after graduation, moved in together. I have never dated or seen anyone else, neither has he as far as I know. We waited so long to get married, because it wasn’t important to us as long as we were together. That changed when my dad got a terminal disease and he expressed his wish to walk me down the aisle (I’m his only daughter) before he became too ill to walk.

I’ll be giving 2 month notice at work on Monday, to give them time to find a replacement and for me to train them, then moving back to Germany. (I didn’t mention that my dad is German, my mom American, they originally met when she went there for work) I was born there and lived there at first and still have friends and family there. My friend, who I had mentioned before had volunteered to be a surrogate, has said I can stay in her spare room with her and her family until I get situated on my own there.

I’m sorry, no happy ending here. The evil mother in law won and got me out of her son’s life. Technically, she got me out of the country. I know I could move elsewhere in town, or even in the state, but I don’t want to be alone here, there’s too many memories, and I have a strong support group (friends/family) overseas so that’s where I’m going. I have been picked on so many times for so many things over the years (from my height to my accent when I first moved here (gone now, I sound like any other midwestern girl) to other things), but this one hurts. I was able to handle the others by telling myself “that’s who I am, if they don’t like it, that’s their problem” and I’m sure in a few years, I’ll think that about this situation too, but it’s too soon. thanks for reading and your kind words of support. I’m sorry if this seems incoherent, I’m just ranting here and crying, so it’s hard to keep a decent train of tought.

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