Her Mom Started Crying At The Bra Store When The Sales Girl Commented On Her Body Size.

Last week, my mother and I went to a very well known bra store that tends to advertise with the skinniest models they can find to find some bras for my wedding coming up in May. I only recently started shopping here, and the quality and customer service had been awesome for me- so I wanted her to get fitted and find a good, comfortable, quality bra for the wedding.

My mother is a bit larger than average. (She’s lost 13 pounds in the last month though! So proud of her!) She wholeheartedly believed that women of her size couldn’t shop somewhere like this. I told her about my experiences and she was willing to get sized and see if there was anything that might work for her.

So, we go in and I immediately tell the associate what I’m looking for (my size, and the fact that I need a multiway bra that can be used with a halter dress) and she directs me to where they are and helps me find my size. I grab two different ones so that I can try them on and see which one fits best.

I then introduce my mom to the associate and let her know that she needs to be sized and we’re looking to get her a bra or two after, if she finds something that’s comfortable. She directs us to their “bra specialist” who does all the sizing.

She pulls my mom back into the fitting area while I try on the bras I pulled. I can hear mom talking to her and explaining about my wedding (the BS called out and said congratulations) and how she’s never been sized before and how she didn’t think someone like her could shop in this store. I hear her tell the specialist “I hope you don’t get too grossed out having to see all my fat,” while she’s getting sized.

This AMAZING bra specialist told my mom that she was beautiful. That she was absolutely perfect the way she was. After getting her measurements, the BS went and got a “try on” bra to see how it fit on my mom. She made comments to my mom about how she didn’t need anything that’s going to make her look fuller, just something with a little lift. Mom tried it on, the BS asked how it felt- told her that it looked fantastic on her….

And mom started crying. Happy tears.

This amazing young woman boosted my mothers self esteem SO MUCH that day. (there was a lot of conversation that I didn’t capture here, but every time my mom would say something about how she didn’t like the way she looked, this gal flipped it around on her and complimented her)

She explained that unfortunately, they didn’t carry her band size in store, but that the girl at the register could help her order online to get the same bra she just tried on. AND if she needed it sooner than it could be shipped, there was another (non-them) store just down the way that carried her size in store.

Mom ended up picking out two bras from their online store with this girls help. (She even got one in her favorite color!!)

I ended up calling the next day to talk with her manager and HEAPED the praise on. Coming out of that store, my mom was a completely new woman. She told me before we left “I never would have thought that someone like me could come here and get a bra that fits right. And that they would be so nice to me!”

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