Hero Cat Saves Owner from Heart Attack by Pounding Paws on Her Chest: ‘Very Grateful’

Cats have nine lives, but one just provided his owner with a second chance.

Sam Felstead, 42, experienced a heart attack while sleeping at home in Nottinghamshire, England, in the early hours of August 8. Billy, her seven-year-old cat, appeared to sense a difference in his owner and began climbing on Felstead’s chest and meowing as loudly as he could.

“He doesn’t generally sit with her, but he realized there was something wrong since he wouldn’t leave her alone,” Felstead told the site. She believes he saved her life, as did everyone else around her.

She was taken aback and went to bed and felt great. She ‘d even gone out with her dogs, and hadn’t felt unwell or had any aches, Felstead expressed. She awoke in the early hours of the morning, drenched in perspiration and unable to move. Billy was perched on her chest, meowing loudly in her ear canal.

Felstead awoke thanks to Billy’s attempts, discovered she couldn’t move on her right side, and begged her mom Karen to assist her in getting to a hospital.

As per Felstead, mum was taken aback. When she informed her Billy had woken her up, she was even more surprised. That’s not something one hears about cats.

The doctors stated it was a good thing she arrived at the hospital on time, she stated.

Felstead was hospitalized for three days and underwent an angioplasty. She’s back at work as a receptionist at Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham, now that she’s on cardiac medication.

Lucy Hoile, a feline behaviorist, spoke  about what Billy could be thinking right now.

It’s possible that the fact that he leaped on her and meowed was a symptom of his anxiousness, she told the site, adding that the cat had probably recognized some physiological changes in his owner.

The expert said that she believed he probably saved her life since it allowed her to obtain medical treatment. She went on, she wouldn’t go so far as to claim he did it on purpose. It was him who was responding to the event.

As per Felstead, Billy seemed unconcerned about the entire situation. When she got out of the hospital, he wouldn’t come near her for a good few hours; whether she smelled awful coming out of the hospital, she didn’t know.

She continued that she doesn’t think he understands what’s occurred. As long as she feeds him, he doesn’t mind.

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