Hides A NannyCam In The House To Get A Video Proof Of Husband. Regret It.

Marriage is a journey filled with highs and lows, experiences, and priceless memories with the one you love. All that matters in a marriage is love, trust, loyalty, commitment, and open communication. However, each spouse must put up personal effort in order for the marriage to succeed. Read the story to know what happened between this couple and let us know what you think the wife should do.

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My 31f husband (30m) is currently not working due to some medical issues. He’s getting disability benefits and assistance but it doesn’t make up for losing his income so I’ve had to start working more hours. Because of that he was supposed to be taking care of the cooking and cleaning.

I help out on my days off. I’d get home and dinner wouldn’t be made. wouldn’t get my lunch pack from my car. or dishes not put away. or laundry not folded. trash not taken out. things not dusted. Whenever I brought this up to him he told me that he did clean during the day and take care of the house and our backyard and dog, or my kids when it’s my week to have them. id show him everything not done and again ask him what he’s doing all day that things aren’t getting done. I do take his health into consideration and he’s good about letting me know when he’s having a bad day health wise but I believed he was using it as an excuse.

One of my coworkers suggested I hide nanny cams in the house so I can get video proof of him not holding up our arrangement because that’s what she did with her kids when they lied about doing their chores. So that’s what I did.

i would check the feed through the day at work and i did that for 3 weeks. i was surprised to see that most days he was active and doing things around the house. it looked like he’d do a big clean on one or two rooms each day and do touch ups in other places. he did miss some things or not take alot of time on them. i saw him doing stuff like changing lightbulbs and moving furniture to clean behind/under it and rearranging closets and playing with my kids when they were there.

i figured i saw enough and decided to talk to my husband. i told him that i put up the cams and was watching to see what he did all day and was pleased to see he was doing stuff and admitted i had been wrong. he wasn’t happy with me and told me i had a big problem with always noticing what people don’t do instead of what they do and he was upset that id spy on him like that. i told him i was sorry i just wanted to put an end to us arguing about what he did all day. ever since he’s made a point to show me when he does something. i don’t think what i did was all that bad, i thought it was a solution to an issue we were having. Did I go too far here? What is your opinion?

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