High school sweethearts, baby, and grandparents killed in horrific crash

A family travelling together after a great day spent together was killed in a sad tragedy.

It is never pleasant to read of tragedies and terrible fatalities, but it is much more heartbreaking to discover about entire families that perish as a result of a calamity.

A family of five was driving from Colorado to Wyoming. The young couple had met in high school and had recently become engaged. Aaron Godines, twenty, and his fiancee, Haile Everts, were both killed in the collision. Tessleigh, their three-month-old baby girl, was also killed.

Aaron’s parents, Christina and Emiliano Godines, were both killed in the accident.

The family’s automobile was rear-ended on Interstate 25 near Highway 66, resulting in the sad tragedy. A northbound Kenworth semi-truck rear-ended their automobile, sending them off the left side of the road and into the centre median.

After honoring Aaron’s 20th birthday, the family was on their way home.

Hailee’s mother Desiree Everts spoke to the media about her last text message connection with her daughter. “She replied, ‘I love you, mom,’ and I told her, ‘Make sure you text me when you leave Denver,'” she explained. 

Her daughter replied back, “OK,” but she never got the message.

Desiree claims she learned of her daughter’s death through a video of the vehicle accident. She recognised the automobile right away and understood what it was her child.

Her mother is still in tears. She wanted them all to be okay. She was her first child. She was her little kid, she explained.

Instead of a wedding, Desiree is organising a burial for her daughter and family.

Hailee also leaves two adolescent siblings who are heartbroken at the loss of their elder sister and niece.

“She was endowed with dimples.” Halin Everts, Hailee Everts’ 13-year-old sister, described her loving niece as “the ideal baby and the finest niece I could ever want for.”

Hailee’s family is currently gathering donations to send her remains back to them so that her burial rituals may be carried out in her hometown. They intend to bury Hailee, Aaron, and Tessleigh at the same location. The young pair’s love is described as “one for the books.”

In order to do so, they are soliciting cash through a GoFundMe campaign. “We want to say our final farewell with a magnificent funeral,” they say.

Colorado authorities are currently investigating the crime and are requesting anybody with evidence to come forth.

What a heartbreaking story. Please join us in praying for the souls of those who have passed away.

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