High school threatens to kick out 14-yr-old if he doesn’t cut his hair – he’s only ever cut it once

14-year-old Braxton Schafer, who is attending O’Gorman High School in South Dakota, was given an ultimatum. Braxton was told to cut his hair in order to continue the school.  

As per the school regulations, lads’ hair extent must be above the eyes and not touching the collar.

Braxton has been in the school since sixth grade and not ever had a problem with the length of his hair. Therefore, when the associate principal come up to Braxton’s parents in an open house, they were surprised.

Boy’s parents think that it’s ethnically unfair as Braxton is Black and attires his hair in long curls. However, the school president said that the rule was about a pupil’s hair length and nothing to do with their ethos. School also said that Braxton wasn’t the lone student to have the ultimatum and there are 20 other students as well to obey the rule.

Braxton’s mom, Toni, has been in touch with numerous superintendents trying to reach to finding the middle ground for her son. She said the circumstances has turn out to be very worrying for Braxton.

Toni said that Braxton feels like an outsider because he is one of very few Black students and may be the only one there with curls. She said that her son is fundamentally shocked.

After numerous consultations, the family lastly came to a solution. They said that eventually, they sought it to be Braxton’s decision. He has a choice to cut his hairs if he wishes to continue with the school, else he has to let it go. However, the school is permitting Braxton to finish the present semester but after that Braxton is going to change the school.

Braxton’s mother said that the length of her son’s curls signifies strength and pride that most persons in South Dakota don’t appreciate.

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